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10 Free Things to Do

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Airlie Beach is well known as a tourism destination, for it’s beautiful Tropical location, and for being the connection to the Great Barrier Reef.There are many tours and activities to do in Airlie Beach and surrounds, but if you are travelling on a tight budget, or just want to save some money, it’s great to take advantage of free things to do, to make your journey fun, enjoyable and memorable.Here is a list of 10 Free Things you can do in Airlie Beach and surrounds.Airlie Beach

1. Foreshore 2. Airlie Beach Lagoon 3. Saturday Lions Market 4. Bicentennial Boardwalk 5. Cedar Creek Falls 6. Coral Beach 7. Cannonvale Beach 8. Hayward Gully 9. Conway Beach 10. Fishing

Airlie Beach Foreshore The Airlie Beach Foreshore by Travel Guide Experience The newly refurbished Airlie Beach Foreshore is a great place to hang out during your holiday. There is access to the beach where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sun. If you’re planning on swimming in the ocean, do your research first, ask questions at the information center located on the main street, or ask the locals to find out about the season and when it’s safe to swim in the ocean. The Foreshore has plenty of seats, walking tracks, free BBQ areas, kids’ playground, public toilet and showers. It’s located in the center of Airlie Beach, close to Bella Vista on Nara accommodation, restaurants, cafés, chemists, doctors, Woolworths supermarket, liquor stores, souvenir shops, hair salons, the information center, pubs, public transport and taxis.

2. The Airlie Beach Lagoon I love going to the Lagoon. You can swim here safely regardless of the season. They are lifeguards on duty. There is a kids’ playground which is great for family with kids, free BBQ areas, public toilet and showers. The Lagoon is situated in the heart of Airlie Beach near shops, restaurants, cafés, Woolworth’s supermarket, doctors, chemists, public transport and taxis. I recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

3. The Lions Market The market is on every Saturday from 7am to 1pm, and every time there’s a cruise ship coming. The market is great with all sorts of stalls, from food, drinks, craft, jewelry, clothing and fresh produce. It is a great spot to find a souvenir for your loved ones or fresh produce.

4. The Bicentennial Boardwalk Walking on the Bicentennial boardwalk is a great way to see more of Airlie Beach and surrounds. The boardwalk starts from the coral Esplanade in Airlie Beach and stops in Cannonvale. It’s takes approximately 30 mins walk from Airlie Beach to Cannonvale. This walk should be on your list of “Must Do things in Airlie Beach”. The view is amazing from Airlie Beach to Cannonvale. There are shops along the Coral Sea Marina where you can purchase food or drinks if desired. I recommend bringing a water bottle, a sun hat, sunscreen, wear sun safe clothing and comfortable shoes.

5. Cedar Creeks Falls

The Cedar Creek Falls is situated just 30 mins drive from Airlie Beach. It has a well hidden waterfall. If you love nature, this will be a great activity to do. You can swim in fresh water, go hiking, or bush walking. There is tropical wildlife to see depending on the season. When you go there, take your time exploring and you will be able to see and enjoy the wonders of nature. I recommend bringing extra drinking water, sunscreen, insect repellent, swimwear and wearing comfortable shoes. There are no shops nearby so make sure you pack a picnic or bring some snacks. There are public toilet and free car park. There’s no public transport, when planning to go there you’ll have to organize your own transport.

6. The Coral Beach The coral Beach is situated just passed mount Rooper in Shute Harbour. Follow the walking tracks, keep your eyes open for wildlife and interesting plants to see along the way. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle, snacks or a picnic, sun hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and swim wear. The Coral beach is just 11 minutes drive from Airlie Beach. This is a great activity for a couple, groups, alone or family with kids above the age of 5.

7. Cannonvale Beach The Cannonvale beach is just 10 minutes drive from Airlie beach or 30 minutes walk from Airlie Beach. I love coming here with my family. We normally park the car in Airlie Beach and enjoy the walk on the Bicentennial boardwalk to Cannonvale. The beach has free BBQ facilities, public toilets, showers, free car park, kids’ playground and a free outdoor gym. It is really a great spot to have a picnic with family, friends, couples or alone. If you are planning on swimming in the ocean, make sure you swim within the safety net. I come here several times per week for my lunch break, I sat on the beach, enjoy my meal and appreciate the beautiful view from the . There is a really great cafe “Fat Frog” near by where you can buy food or drinks if desired.

8. Hayward Gully & Honey Eater Mountain Riding If you like hiking or bushwalking, you will enjoy your time up here. The Hayward Gully is situated just 10 minutes drive from Airlie Beach. It is a great way to connect with nature, discover and explore, this beautiful rainforest national park. I couldn’t get enough of how many types of mushrooms, plants, butterflies, birds, and wildlife were there to see and explore. There’s free car parking space, public toilet and shelter where you can relax and take a break. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen, a picnic or snacks. This activity is great to do alone, for a couple, for groups or family with kids. There’s always lots to see and discover, it’s kept little minds busy and curious. My family and I come here often and we always get amazed to discover something new each time.

9. Conway Beach

Conway Beach 45 minutes drive from Airlie Beach. It is a great spot to chill out and relax with family , friends, couple, groups or alone. If you are the kind of person who likes a little bit of privacy on the beach, this spot will be perfect for you. There’s free BBQ facilities, public toilet, free car parking and showers. The newly renovated kids’ playground is really great for family with kids. We bring our boys here a lot, the boys enjoy our trip here. We come here to have a picnic, but if you prefer eating out, there’s George’s Dinner café at Conway Beach Tourist Park only 3 minutes walk from the beach, or you can just drive in the Tourist park, there’s free car parking.

10. Fishing There are many great fishing spots in Airlie Beach and surrounds. Plenty of spots for you to try out fishing. You don’t require a fishing license in Queensland. Here are a few spots where we go fishing. We go to: The VMR, Shute Harbour, Proserpine river, Cannonvale beach, and New beach.

I hope this guide will help you plan better your next trip to Airlie Beach and take advantage of the free facilities.

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